In The Meantime…Some Updates



It’s been a few days since my last post. I’m deep in my end-of-year culling from both my fabric and my yarn stashes. It’s my annual New Year gift to myself – get rid of the things I’m not using, clothes that don’t fit, anything that’s outlived its purpose. The last place to tackle is the sewing/office room, then it’s off to unload all the donations at their respective destinations.

As for the multitude of projects I’ve piled on my plate, I’ve been gathering project elements together so all of the 18th century stuff is together, same for the 17th century, Georgian/Regency, and right up the timeline. I bought two sets of large storage drawers and each era has its own drawer. Each drawer is labeled so I don’t waste time looking or forget which is which. (Yeah, it’s a tad OCD – but so am I.) In addition, each individual project has its elements (pattern, fabric, trim, thread, etc.) all grouped together before it’s put it the drawers.

As for the world of challenges…an update on my first two HSM 2015 projects.

IL020-Bleached-LI ordered 4 yards of handkerchief linen from I’ve been using lightweight cotton for my under things, but every time I read about using linen there are nothing but raves about how much better it is all around. So HSM #1 – Foundations – will be a 18th century linen chemise.–Making an 18th Century ShiftLuckily, I found a great pattern with instructions from Mara Riley, including how to measure to fit my body. WooHoo! So all I need is the linen, which should be here is a few days since it’s already shipped.

I’ve never used linen before, and I have a vague memory about having to do something to it before cutting out the pattern, but can’t remember what it is. So next task is to look that up.

While the linen is making its cross-country trip, I’m starting on HSM #2 – Colour Challenge Blue – by making a Georgian/Regency reticule. It’s based on extant examples with a firm, formed base and I really like the look.

Mine won’t be nearly as fancy, but more on that in a separate post.

For now it’s finish off the sorting, tossing and donating.