HSM #2 – Reticule in Blue, Part Two

First, let me correct a mistake I made in the December 31st post. The print I’m using is not a toile, it’s an indienne. The differences are easy to spot. Above, the toiles are on your left and the indienne is on your right. I think I was having a flashback to the shop where there was a sea of killer toiles rolled on bolts. They were amazing, but I’m not using any of them. So, indienne it is. Onward.

Sewing the box-pleated side piece to the bottom zipped right along. Then I tailor-tacked the box pleats about an inch up from the bottom to hold them closed for the next step. One of the things I’m trying to avoid is making something that looks like it has a styrofoam soup cup in the bottom. So this part of the project is the disguise phase.

The first step was to run a wide band of brown around the base. It’s bias-cut, so it conformed to the slope of the side. I hand stitched the band around the top and bottom edges to make sure the edges don’t snag or curl. But visually it looks like a straight, one inch vertical run. Here’s how it looks from the outside and the inside.

However, the rest of the side still had that cup shape. A little more netting would do the trick, so I ran it between the cup and the side fabric and placed a bit on the inside at the base, for a little more noise deadening. Et violà! The shape of the cup is fully hidden.

Then…what’s this? Four little “arches” appeared at the top of the brown band. I think it’s from me not getting the base of the side piece sewn on completely straight, or maybe from opening up the box pleats. It doesn’t matter at the moment, now they’ll become part of the design. (A mistake. Moi? Never! This was…cough, cough…completely intentional.)

Four arches mysteriously appear.

Four arches mysteriously appear.

Today’s plan: add an upper circumferential band of blue (which will also hold the drawstrings) and start playing with the ruching.