O Wherefore Art Thou?

An early 14th-century house at Via Cappello no. 23, Verona, Italy. Presented as "Juliet's Balcony" by the PR folks, but...

An early 14th-century house at Via Cappello no. 23, Verona, Italy. Presented as “Juliet’s Balcony” by the PR folks in Verona, but…  (photo credit styleoccasion.com)

Today I realize I haven’t posted since last week – yikes! So, you might ask, what’s happening to keep me from sharing the latest costuming adventure?

Simple. This “thou” has been pretty busy.

I can’t recall whether or not I mentioned this before, but I have to move. The landlord is putting the house up for sale next month so I need to relocate. Fairly soon. I’ve been looking for well over a month, but the rental market up here is virtually non-existent. Which means you must be at the right place at the right time to make your claim before someone else beats you to it.

I’ve been to look at other places, made calls, hit every source available and the listed properties were either too expensive, not in a place where I’d feel safe, or wouldn’t accept dogs. And I ain’t leaving Sophie behind – she’s been through enough in her life already.

Then, last Tuesday, I happened upon what seems the perfect place for me but the rent was out of reach financially. Wednesday the property manager I’d started working with called and asked if I wanted to look anyway – maybe she could work something out with the owners. Since it (usually) can’t hurt to look, we did. It’s a late 1940’s house that’s little on the outside yet feels spacious on the inside. There’s a yard for Sophie. There’s a sewing room for me. It’s within walking distance to the necessities. What more could I ask for? Affordability.

That’s when a miracle occurred – the owners lowered the rent to a number within my reach. I spent a lot of time last week crunching numbers to make sure I wasn’t going to get in over my head. (I’ve been renting from a friend and the “friends-and-family” discount had protected me from the real-world market. Ouch!)

Anywho, the numbers worked, the application has been filled out and submitted, as was the authorization for background screening and a couple of checks. Everything’s been hunky-dory, and (I feel like I’m tempting fate here) we’re just waiting for the results of the background check (no worries there). So I have a date to sign the lease, hand over the big bucks, get the key and start moving – February 10th. 24 days from today.

The upshot, since I didn’t make the long story short, is – surprise! – I got no sewing done last week. At all. Stuff is getting scattered around for sorting and boxing. Room to spread out and cut doesn’t exist anymore. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to finish the HSF Challenge #1 chemise by the end of the month. And the frequency of posts might slow done a bit.

For January I’m thinking of just making a fichu, which I need anyway, and taking up the chemise again after the move. Or if I’m late with the chemise, I’m late. The world won’t stop turning.

But if it does it’s not my fault, OK?


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