Woot-Woot! Got the Boots!

Happy February to me!

Happy February to me!

My “Nankeen” Regency Cotton Boots arrived yesterday afternoon. They’re everything I expected and more. I love ’em. The fit is good – a teeny bit tight in the ball of the foot, ’cause my feet are a bit wide, but the fabric will stretch enough so I’m not concerned.

The construction is top-notch with quality materials used throughout – what else would one expect from The Duchess? The detail of the toe cap gives my foot a slimmer look and the lacing eyelets are sewn, not metal. It’s as close to period as I’ve seen without a bespoke price tag attached. They are gorgeous and of excellent value. (Please disregard the dirty floor in the photos. I’m still packing and I’m not cleaning until everything is out. I also forgot to put on tights, so feel free to erase my winter skin from your memory.)

When I ordered them I tried to decide on a color to have them dyed. It came down to these three, each of which I love, but I held hold off on choosing until the boots got here.

As it turns out, I like the natural buff color so no dye for now. All they need is waterproofing, and I can do that myself. Then I can buy three more pair so I can have one in each color. (If only.)

What made it possible to order them in the first place was the American Duchess’ payment option, which let me pay over three months. Looks like I’ll be working my way through their catalog, one month at a time.

Next on the list? Hmmmm…


8 thoughts on “Woot-Woot! Got the Boots!

  1. Whoohoo!! Congratulations on your new boots! I know the feeling of excitiment! I felt the same way when I got my Gettysburgs!!! Huzzah fo you!!!

  2. Oh the 18th century court shoes!! I have a pair of red suede shoes that have a very similar shape. I love them but haven’t been able to wear them in years. Have fun with your boots!

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