Your Weekend Wow!

Not a lot of words needed for this one…only “I love it!

c. 1860’s Trained White Fine Linen 2-piece Gown Trimmed in Purple Ribbon

“Two-piece, fine linen lawn gown with deep v-front bodice, pagoda sleeves, long back streamers attached to back bodice, bodice and trained skirt are trimmed with purple silk taffeta ribbons and embroidered white on white lace.” Description and photos from (This gown recently sold for $2,685.00 – color me green.)

civilwhitewpurplegownft c 1860 1

civilwhitewpurplegownft c 1860 2

civilwhitewpurplegownft c 1860 3


5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

    • Interesting – this was the first time I’ve seen it. It probably takes up quite a bit of space to display, but I can’t imagine folding it up, tucking it away and keeping it hidden. I hope the most recent purchaser is treating it well.

    • “Looks for To-Do list, but can’t find the bottom…” thanks, Deb, for my giggle for the day. 🙂
      I’m right there with you. This is another one that I’d like to make, plus the shape is perfect for my figure. At the rate I’m going, though, I’ll have to live to 120 to get my dream list done. But whenever I try to whittle it down I feel a bit like a parent trying to choose a favorite child. How odd is that?! So it looks like vegetables, vitamins and exercise for the (hopefully) extended future.

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