And We’re Live Once Again…

Out with the old...

The black marks from sparking. Not so good.

Mr. Electrician came today, replaced a lot of dicey/bad outlets, added some new outlets, and now I’m up and running again. I hated being offline for so long, so I’m glad it’s over and done.

I promised photos of the house, so here are a few. It’s 827 square feet of fun and funk with lots of, shall we say, interesting color choices.

I absolutely love it.

And now I can see sunsets from my living room, kitchen and side porch. Here’s last night’s show…

2015-02-22 17.49.37

So the sewing is back down to brass tacks. I need to set up the space so I can get cracking on HSM #3. I have lots of floor space for laying out big pieces and that’s a treat. But I no longer have a table for the sewing machine, so it’s off to thrift shops and garage sales for me. Fingers crossed for happy hunting.


6 thoughts on “And We’re Live Once Again…

    • One of the old grounded outlets (there were only three in the entire house) was one that sparked. Turned out that the grounding wires had gotten so hot that the insulation on both wires had melted. That means the exposed wires were live. If I’d used that outlet they might have gotten hot enough to start a fire in the wall. Yikes!! I am so glad I requested a visit from the electrician. Especially now that the smoke detector has decided to go off whenever it feels the need so I’ve removed the (new) battery and Sophie is serving as an alert dog. Far from ideal. Add another thing to the “please replace” list. The joy of old houses…gotta love ’em. 🙂

  1. Hey, that’s a cute little house. Lots of character, which you can’t say about most modern houses. And what a great view!

    Thank goodness for electricians! That outlet looks scary.

    • Yeah – I hate it when I plug something in and sparks shoot out. (What a party-pooper, huh?) What really gets me is the previous tenant lived here for quite a while with the old outlets and never said a thing. That is one lucky duck.

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