Catching Up

(original source unknown)

(original source unknown)

I’ve finished cataloging all of my historical sewing patterns. I have more than I realized – well over 70. Not really a big surprise, but an indication that learning how to drape and make my own patterns would save me considerable money.

The sewing studio remains a work in progress. Happily, my leg is on the mend and I can get back to unpacking and organizing. My friend helped me finish the last of the move and I appreciate it immensely. However, since she packed and hauled a number of things, some things are proving evasive.

I’ve located all of the fabric and all of the patterns. Sorting and organizing is an ongoing project. It took me until this morning to locate the power cord to my main sewing machine, but now it’s set up and ready to rumble. And now there’s an OttLight hovering above it so the lighting is fantastic.

My sewing library is scattered amongst three rooms. I was hoping to get another small bookcase for the studio, but I don’t know where I’d put it so re-organizing library is also on the “to do” list.

Progress on the sontag for HSM #3 is slow but steady. It’s chilly and damp outside and if it were done I’d be wearing it already. I just might make a second one, in my “spare” time, to wear at home. I’m trying to get it finished by the weekend, but the cold and damp make for aching hands – even if I wear fingerless gloves. I’d have thought the motion from knitting would warm then right up, but no. Fortunately, hot chocolate (ingested, not applied) appears to have magical and restorative powers.

So that’s all the news that isn’t. Unpacking and organizing. Catching up on laundry. Finding a place for everything in the kitchen. Keeping slugs from sliming their way under the back door at night (yuck!). Just another day at the manor house.