HSM Challenge #3 is Done!

2015-03-31 21.42.30My “stashbusting” 1855 wool crocheted shawl is done…and with 2 hours to spare, no less. I scavenged the wool (“frogged” it) from an 1840’s-style shawl I’d started to knit long ago but didn’t like the way it was draping. The wool’s partially recycled and somewhat coarse. That makes it ideal for its intended use as a cool-weather wrap while I spend time as a re-enactor at a historic frontier fort and fur-trading site where time has been frozen at 1855…basic, no frills, no luxury. It’s just what I’ll need come early fall. And those few women who were settling the area needed to re-use whatever they could, so I figured /hoped using 100% recycled wool would not run afoul of historical correctness.

Sophie, of course, stayed with me to the bitter end.

Here are the specifics for HSM #3, which I’m calling “Warm Wool Wound all Around”:

The Challenge: Stashbusting: Make something using only fabric, patterns, trims & notions that you already have in stash.

Fabric: 100% wool

Pattern: My own

Year: 1885

Notions: wool and crochet hook

How historically accurate is it? Very – I created the pattern based on photos of extant shawls and extant crochet patterns from the era

Hours to complete: approximately 10-11

First worn: not yet worn

Total cost: 0$ – everything came from my stash