Your Weekend Wow!

Every once in a while I come across an extant garment with such incredible detail that I’m won over immediately, even if it’s a tad over the top in one aspect or another. This is one of those dresses I can’t stop pouring over. I love just about everything about it – even though its ultra femininity, which is perfect for its time and place, is a bit much for me. The waistline treatment is amazing. And if dressmaking were a sport, I’m certain this would take first place in the Extreme Handkerchief Linen category. I only wish the photos weren’t so washed out.

Embroidered handkerchief linen dress, ca. 1900.

Embroidery on bodice overlaps lace insertion in some places. High collar with stays on both sides. Large puffy sleeves above embroidered, ruffled cuff. Waistline comprises a series of diamond-shaped panels of lace & pin tucking. Skirt is narrow over hips with embroidered flowers & vines above panel of lace & pin tucking. Skirt flounce embroidered to match bodice, but on a larger scale. Katy Kane Vintage.

Embroidered handkerchief linen dress, ca. 1900.


4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

    • There is something about the construction – it’s detailed without looking cumbersome or completely overdone. Every detail is in just the right place. Quite posh. And it looks delicate, as if it could float away on a summer breeze.

  1. Holy Moley! So intricate, but so tiny. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore…the dresses or the women who can be compressed into them 🙂

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