Electromagnetically Challenged. Again.


(photo by wdtinc.com)

Although I’ve been sewing along and keeping up with the deadline for HSM#4 (The Case of the Contraband Crinoline) and doing some other sewing as well, there is nothing to show for it. At least nothing for me to show you. There’s been a multi-phased electronic meltdown in the Threading Through Time Media Department with a rather annoying domino effect.

As you recall, I took photos of the crinoline and couldn’t upload them to Dropbox. As it turned out, my suspicions of impending iPhone death were spot on. It went completely bonkers. After a long and exasperating online search I discovered two critical nails in its proverbial coffin: 1) Apple doesn’t support iPhone4 anymore (4S – yes, just plain 4 – no) and 2) they also no longer support iOS 7x.x. I never installed iOS8 because the word on the street (and on-line and just about everywhere else) was that iOS8 was not compatible with iPhone4 and chaos would plague all who embraced the latest toy.

So: no iPhone and no money to get a replacement – not even a refurbished model.

No problemo, though, because I have a compulsive streak and still have two of my pre-iPhone flip phones, complete with instructions, chargers, ear buds. I pulled out the newer of the two and charged it up. I called my carrier before pulling the SIM out of the iPhone to make sure there wouldn’t be any problems on their end of things. There weren’t. Then I extracted the SIM cards from both phones and “remembered” that they’re different sizes. Oh, bother.

Finally something sparked and I recalled that when I got the SIM card package from the carrier there were two sets of cards – one for AT&T phones and one for TMobile phones. Even better, I still had them. So I punched out the center of the TMobile SIM card, which left a perfectly sized frame. I put my active SIM card in the frame, settled it into place and hey presto – a FrankenSIM was born! Even more amazing: it works. I don’t have all of my contacts, but I can transfer them from the iPhone, and the calendar didn’t transfer, but I can deal with that manually.

So: now I have a working phone that can take pictures. But it can’t upload them to Dropbox. Nor can I e-mail them to myself. Why? Because it’s so old that Gmail isn’t one of its options. Yahoo? Yes. Windows Live Mail? Yes. Do I use those? No.

No problemo. I have a camera, I’ll go back to using that. I only started using the iPhone because it takes better closeups, but so it goes.

Over the next two days I turned the office/sewing room upside down looking for the camera batteries and the charger. Because my friend packed some of the stuff and I packed some of the stuff, I had no idea where the camera stuff had ended up. I finally found both the batteries and the charger in a box underneath some knitting yarn. I also needed the card reader, but I knew where it was. Now the only thing missing was the camera. The camera. The camera? Rats!! Although it has a bright metallic blue finish, it’s also a small pocket model – and I can’t find it anywhere. This is super-frustrating because about four weeks ago it was sitting on my desk. I remember picking it up to move it put it somewhere safe. And then…I’m blank.

Still no problemo, though, because I still have my old camera. It’s only 5.whatever megapixels, but it does the job. I found it yesterday. The cards were in the case. Yay! It’s battery operated, so no charger needed. Yay! The lithium batteries were dead and I have no replacements. Boo! But it also runs on 4 AA’s and I can get those today. Then I’ll know if it still works. (Is that a half-Yay!?)

Hopefully, the next post will be replete with photographs. Some photographs. Any photographs.