HSM #3 Crinoline update – out with the old and in with the new

2007-01-08 00.27.11Before I decided to make this 1856 cage crinoline, all I had was a “best on the web” hoop skirt. I bought it when I was naïve and flush with excitement. Yes, it was on the web. But no, it’s far from being the “best”, on or off the web. Thank heavens it was cheap (which should have been my first clue). This is how I learned about bridal hoops and why they don’t work for historical costuming. The strange thing is, although I’ve hung it this way for a couple of years now, it never goes out of round.

Also, equally as strange, it doesn’t support much weight. Toss on a couple of petticoats and a skirt and it takes on a pretty lackluster shape – not conical, not a bell, not much of anything. And it really swings around when I move. It will be “de-boned” and used as a petticoat.

There are only two days left in this challenge and I’m waiting for the 5 four-inch stays to arrive – my fault entirely for ordering them so late. Here’s where I am as of this minute.

I assembled the waist cincher and applied the waist tape. Since I could only get a hold of polyester tape out here, that’s what I used (one demerit for authenticity).

Waist cincher before waist tape applied.

Waist cincher before waist tape applied.

Next I applied the waist lining and stitched the vertical tapes in place. Now it’s starting to look like a cage crinoline.

I have both of the spools of hoop wire that I need and the remainder of the hoop casing which, according to the pattern, should be enough.

While I’m waiting for the stays, I’ll cut the lengths of hoop casing and maybe tack them into place. And I’ll cut the hoop wire so it will be ready, too. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the mail carrier.