HSM #3 – Almost There…

2007-01-10 19.53.54I received the waist cincher stays late yesterday. The general framework was finished last night and the bag is complete except for tacking on the last bit of trim (you can see it dangling from the front). I’m down to adding the last 5 hoops. Hooray!

Cutting the hoop wire is a misery on the hands so I’m taking breaks in between each one. I’ll post the finished project this afternoon.

I do need to unearth some lacing for the waist cincher, so at the moment a piece of leftover bias tape is standing in. Here’s how it’s looking. (Please forgive the mess around the cutting table: bags of paper for recycling and boxes for Goodwill.)

Now I’m off to French class…à bientôt!


3 thoughts on “HSM #3 – Almost There…

  1. A thought for cutting the hoop wire (which might arrive just too late, my apologies) I have a pair of miniature bolt cutters from the hardware store which are so much more powerful than any other wire cutters I have seen. I can cut coat hangar wire easily with one hand.

    • What a great idea – thanks! I have a heavy-duty pair of wire cutters, made for heavy gauge wire, but my hands aren’t strong enough. I’ve resorted to crimping the wire at the cutting point and using it as a pivot point while squeezing the pliers with my right hand and bending the hoop wire back and forth with my left hand. Doing that heats up the wire and helps soften the plastic. Then wire breaks and the plastic is easy to cut. But a pair of mini bolt cutters is on the very near horizon. 😉

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