Caveat Emptor – Let the Buyer Beware.

I want to make a pinner apron for one of the HSM challenges. Simple. Straightforward. Relaxing. Advanced engineering degree not required.

Fabric, however, is required and there’s not a lot of it around here. I’ve been loathe to jump into the car and drive an hour (or so) to shop in person, especially for apron fabric, so I looked at the offerings online and though I’d found the perfect deal.

This is meant to be a working apron, so I want to use homespun. Good news, since homespun is pretty inexpensive. And there’s a relatively decent selection of colors and woven patterns. I want a subtle pattern in a color that can hide a bit of grime. So I was delighted when I saw “Robert Kaufman Quilters Homespun Checkerboard” in colorway “Country” and ordered 2.5 yards.

Here’s the photo (enlarged version) – looks like a textured, homespun weave:

(photo by

(photo by

Here’s what came – a print that looks as flat as the plastic in which it’s wrapped:

2007-01-15 04.37.18

2007-01-15 04.36.31

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. What a disappointment! How…why…huh? I went back online and figured out what happened. I saw “homespun” in the title and thought “yay, homespun!” Silly me. The full online description is: Designed by Studio RK for Robert Kaufman, this cotton print fabric is perfect for quilting, craft projects, apparel and home decor accents. Colors include black, tan, shades of red, and shades of blue.”

Cotton print fabric. Well, jeeze. Hoping to save others from making the same mistake I did, I left a review cautioning potential buyers that this is a printed fabric that’s supposed to look like homespun, not actual yarn-dyed, woven homespun fabric. Great quality, like all Robert Kaufman cotton, but not homespun.

So it’s going back to, thanks to their generous return policy, and I’m going to the fabric store to buy real yarn-dyed homespun.