Wool: preparing, washing and pressing

Flannel_wool_fabricHave you ever wondered how to sew with wool to get the best results and care for the garment once it’s done? Cathrin recently shared this on her fabulous blog Katafalk. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about working with wool and getting professional-looking results.

This post was originally written in Swedish for the amazing blog Som När Det Begav Sig. You should really go and check it out!

Wool really is an amazing material. One of its many properties is its abilities to clean itself in moist weather so that there is no need for constant washing.
If you care for your wool garment correctly there is almost no need for washing it in water at all. But if you happen to be sensitive for chemicals it might be a good idea to wash it in the machine before sewing.

Washing is best done on the wool cycle, 30 degrees Celsius with mild centrifuge. Warmth + mechanical action makes the wool full itself. That is something that you can use if you have a loosely woven fabric that you want to make a bit less loose.
but if you are satisfied with…

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