Better: slow but sure.

je suis malade

Getting over this whatever-it-was is slow going. You’ve probably noticed the dearth of posts. That’s because my hand-eye coordination is still re-tuning itself. Knitting helps and I’ve been doing a lot of it. But my hand sewing is a bit too shaky for the look I’m after, although it’s improving steadily, and my machine sewing tends to drift from a straight line unless I focus every bit of energy and concentrate. Then I’m exhausted after 20 minutes and frustrated.

In general, I start my day feeling like this:

A couple enjoys an old fashioned zipline on a weekend afternoon. (1923)

A couple on an old-fashioned zipline. (1923)

It doesn’t take long before I’m feeling like this:



And by late afternoon:

Sick person going to Lourdes to take the water.

Going to Lourdes to take the water.

I try to be patient with this *tap foot, tap foot, tap foot* while my body heals. Today has been a really good day and the worst has definitely passed.

The knitting is going pretty well now. My stitches are even again. I can do math for the patterns in my head.

I’ve been hoarding collecting 1930’s prints to make a simple quilt for my bed, and I feel good enough to re-start my machine swing on that. This one will be pretty simple and I don’t need to completely finish the top to polish up my skills. Not to mention this will finally get me going on something I’ve been putting off for a long time (hard to choose a pattern, decided to go easy on myself).

In addition, I started English paper-piecing a reproduction of an 1840’s quilt. It’s going to take a while, but there is no rush – I’m just doing it because I’ve always wanted to try and now I have the patience for it. I’ve already cut the fabric hexagons for the next panel, so I think I’ll work on that for an evening or two to get my fine hand-eye motor coordination back up to snuff.

And then it’s back to business.

The top portion of my Edwardian petticoat for HSM #6 is mostly done. Happily, the worst of the fiddly bits are finished. Before all this happened I’d purchased some lovely pink jacquard-weave ribbon for the beading lace. After lace meets ribbon, I’ll start hand-finishing the armholes. Then it’s make a tube, sew on a ruffle, gather the top edge and sew the whole thing onto the bodice portion. After that it’s just a matter of using hooks-and-eyes up the front for an easy closure.

Hmmmm. Probably shouldn’t have said “easy”….


13 thoughts on “Better: slow but sure.

  1. Hugs! I’m glad you’re feeling better. Or energetic enough to start thing about your projects. 🙂

    Have you tried walking? Just a little, a few times a day, and going farther each day. It’s helping Mom recover from her surgery. I’m having to slow her down! 😉

    • I’ve been wobbly enough to put off walking. I dreaded falling down – again! – especially on a concrete sidewalk or, worse yet, in the midst of high-tourist-season-traffic. (Oh! Oh! Look at that lovely Italianate Victorian up there on the hill. Turn here!! Uh, oh. Honey…did you feel a bump? Never mind. Probably the old streets.) But I started up again two days ago with a long walk downtown (so if I went splat at least someone would see me) and took another one yesterday. Next step is take Sophie along – I think I’m ready for her excitement at the end of her leash. 😉

  2. It’s good to hear from you. Going easy sounds like a wise plan, especially when the outcome are pretty quilts. 🙂 I’m sure you will be back on top of all things sewing in no time. 🙂

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