Your Weekend Wow!

I love the use of fabrics (notice the artistically pieced center back), the color combination and the ribbon trim at the cuffs. I wonder what the petticoat (skirt) looked like? Perhaps it featured the dark peach, was festooned with curls and waves in the apricot and had a bow…or two or three…in the salmon-edged ribbon. Peach, apricot and salmon – yummy. Wouldn’t that have been fun?!

Fabulous 18th century French silk caraco from Paris. Rare, original silk ribbons to close at front. Ruched ribbon trim at sleeves. Silk is medium weight “Gros de Tours” in excellent condition. Lined with linen. Beautiful matched pattern at front and back, delightful insertion of second fabric at back. Beautifully finished off with Chinoiserie detailed salmon pink silk ribbons.

Fabric late 1760s or early 1770s, cut is mid 1790s. French. Silk Caraco with Ribbons, Paris. Original silk ribbons to close at front. Ruched ribbon trim at sleeves. Silk is medium weight 'Gros de Tours.' Lined with linen.

Wish it was yours? Sorry – it’s being held on reserve at Trouvais (images copyright, priced at $2400.00 Canadian Dollars. But you never know – the deal might fall through…