Your Weekend Wow!

For the longest time the only view I ever saw of this gown was from behind, and I loved it. Well, I finally found a view of the front and a detail photo…now I love it even more. The gown is in the DigitalMuseum of Norway and original information is in Norwegian (I’m assuming, but don’t know for sure), which is not in my bag of language tricks, and the computer translations leave something to be desired. But nothing can take away from this vision in blue and gold.

Gallakjole av delvis paljettbrodert maskinkniplet silketyll, maskinvevd silkestoff i toskaftbinding og sateng. Silke- og paljettdusker, kniplet dekor, silkebånd, metallkroker. Maskin- og håndsøm. ( It was made in London, c. 1905-1910.

1905-1910 London, front

1905 - 1910 London, back

1905-1910 London - detail

Translation via Microsoft: Gala dress of partially paljettbrodert maskinkniplet silk tulle, machine woven silk fabric in plain weave, and satin. Silk-and paljettdusker, kniplet decor, Silk Ribbon, metal hooks. Hardware and håndsøm.
Translation via Google: Galla Dress partial paljettbrodert maskinkniplet silk tulle, machine woven silk fabric in plain weave and satin. Silk and paljettdusker, kniple decor, silk ribbons, metal hooks. Machine and hand stitching.


Because I am impossibly curious about language and languages, I had to find out what kniplet/knipling decor is all about. It turns out that knipling is the Danish (and Norwegian, I think) word for lace. I’m pretty sure that “brodert” refers to embroidered/embroidery or something of that ilk.

As always, accurate translations appreciated and welcomed.