HSM #7 – The Edwardian Summer Hat was Done….I Thought

Well, getting the floral garland the way I want it took longer that I thought it would. Not that that’s a real surprise, though. I have a tendency to be obnoxiously picky when it comes to getting things to look the way I imagine them in my mind. But since it’s not taking away from anything else important and I’m the one who is going to wear it, a day here and there is just the way it goes.

The other option is to call it Finished, take tons of photos, write the blog article, post it to the HSM Facebook album…then tear it all apart three weeks later when I can’t stand it anymore. At least I know that much about myself. I’m still learning to ease up a bit with my inner Task Master but, as they say, “it’s a process.” After all, for the most part, I’m the only one who’ll ever know what I was trying to achieve. Unless I blab.

So there I was this morning, feeling stupid happy that I’d gotten it all together, starting on the last round of photos…

2015-08-01 14.42.42 (2)

…when an unbidden thought started whispering. It arose from the memory of seeing an extant hat with a very nice little something applied to the brim.

It needs lace.

Uh…pardon me?

Lace. You know. Around the edge to soften it up a bit.

That will add an hour or two of hand work.

But it will look soooo nice. And, now that I’ve reminded you, you know you’re going to do it.


Just buck up, kiddo, and get going.

Oh, for crying out loud. Where’s the needle and thread…

And that’s what I’ll be doing this evening – watching old British television programs on Hulu and hand sewing a lace edging around the brim. Both sides, of course. If I’m going this far, why start cutting corners now?

Crocheted lace (with clipped end dipped in genuine "vintage" FrayCheck (TM).

Vintage crocheted lace with dimensional floral center motifs, perched on the edge of the brim – clipped end dipped in genuine “vintage” FrayCheck (TM).



PS – As you can see, I finally broke down and bought watermarking software for my photographs. I’ve been running into photos from the blog in all sorts of places – not always attributed correctly, if at all. I hate it when photographers plaster watermarks through the center of their work, making it impossible to see what I’m supposed to be seeing. I understand why they are pushed to do it, I just don’t like it. So I’m putting my watermark at the bottom center. For now. Yes, the unscrupulous thief can always crop it off without damaging the essence of the image. If I find that happening, I’ll make changes accordingly.