Your Weekend Wow!

The days are already noticeably shorter, the evenings are starting to cool off, summer is drawing to an end. Perhaps you’d like a little something to ward off the chill, yet not abandon summer altogether? If you happen to have a crochet hook, miles of cotton thread, a sturdy wrist support, a few bottles of aspirin and a bucket of time on your hands…

Belle Époque Irish Lace Coat, c. 1900.

White, full length, raised petal blossoms, openwork lace band near hem, soutache trim in F & B yoke area, small crochet balls around perimeter & hem, cord tie w/ crochet strawberries. Shoulder to shoulder measures 12″, Length is 54″, excellent condition. It sold for $1560.00 in late 2013. (




3 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

  1. Oh my heavens above that is over the top incredible! If I had owned that, I would have never taken it off!! It is beyond gorgeous!! Stunning!

  2. It’s gorgeous. I wonder how long it took to make, and whether it was made to a standard size or made to measure. I love to crochet, but taking on something like that is huge!

    • It is a sobering undertaking, isn’t it?! I always wonder whether these large projects were done by a single person or perhaps parts were done by multiple people to shorten the turn-around time. That would mean that each individual would have to match each of the others with tension and gauge, but it could be done and very likely was in the better “houses.” It probably depended on the level of quality the owner could afford: couture-designed and custom-fit versus a generalized size (like a S-M-L) from a corner dressmaker. The lines look rather clean, so there wouldn’t have the need for a lot of tricky fitting. But still. I also crochet and have an antique Edwardian pattern for Irish Lace “shoe covers” (lace to be applied over a pair of satin pumps) and that’s daunting enough for me. 😉

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