Your Weekend Wow!

There is a huge storm front blowing through. The wind is gusting to 55 mph, the floating bridge is closed, and the trees are still in leaf so downed trees and power outages are expected. It’s a pretty good inspiration to get Your Weekend Wow out while I still can.

I love aprons and think I miss the days when they were worn for decoration and not merely protection. (I wasn’t alive then, but I am fond of the notion.) This one caught me eye with its brilliant colors and ruched taffeta around the pocket openings. Click on the link for a large size photo on the museum web page.


Late 17th century apron, French. Large, yellow silk taffeta, with attached bib and two slit pockets. Bib lining and pockets constructed from a light neutral yellow linen. Large-scale floral sprays form borders and separate motifs on skirt of apron; small-scale sprays on bib of apron. Design worked with brilliant polychrome silks in satin, stem, and couching stitches. Edges of skirt trimmed with gathered and scalloped ruffle of yellow taffeta; bib and pocket slits trimmed with bands of gathered yellow taffeta. Dimensions: 109 x 146 cm (42 15/16 x 57 1/2 in.).


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