A Dedicated Sewing Room and The Case of the Missing Iron

A short time ago my sister was here to help me switch my bedroom and sewing room. We emptied out the former office + sewing room, scattered the boxes, sorted, made piles, re-scattered boxes and generally stashed things in any corner that was free (and some corners that weren’t). Then the room was re-painted and the bedroom moved from the other end of the hall. OK, it’s only a gap of about five feet from door to door, but it was still a complete move.

The new sewing room was now empty so the floors were swept and All Things Sewing were…honestly…stuffed willy-nilly back in. By then we were pretty tired and it was time for my sister to go. The rest was up to me to decide what went where and there wasn’t much point in her sitting around while I fiddled with where to put the filing cabinet and how to label the drawers.

This is how we left it:

And this is how it looks after I spent Saturday massaging the beast into a bit of relative calmness:

WooHoo! I can see the floor!

WooHoo! I can see the floor!

As you can see, I have to spend a bit more quality time sorting and putting away. Fabric awaits rearranging. Patterns in the filing cabinet ($9 at Goodwill – best storage deal ever) need sorting. And approximately 1300, or so it seems, little sewing toys and gadgets need a permanent home somewhere in the room.

The good news is now I can access and actually use the sewing machine once again. And I have access to the cutting table on three sides. Very helpful, that. The bad news is somewhere along the way my Rowenta iron went missing. Ironing board – check. Spare measuring cup for water to fill iron – check. Iron – ??? Well, it’s in there…somewhere.

My current project doesn’t need an iron. Since it’s meant to be a hidden pocket, a crisp pressing isn’t critical to its usefulness or success.

But I want to finish off the year and the HSM challenges by, at long last and finally, making a series of Regency items: a cloak, a gown and a bonnet. I’m fairly sure an iron will come in handy for those.

So it’s back into the dreadful mess once again. Or twice. As long at it takes. I need my iron!

By the way: The office ended up be relocated to the empty dining room, since I don’t have a dining room table or chairs. I had a built-in banquette in the old house, so no need then. And it’s just me, so I can do without the added expense. The benefit is that now my desk is surrounded by light, instead of being stuck in a corner. The kitchen is to the right, the bathroom is to the left and, in cases of writer’s block or critical brain fatigue, the sofa is about 15 feet behind me.


Late Breaking News! I found my Black and Decker collapsible travel iron, which is an excellent stand-by until the Rowenta decides to show itself again.

Black and Decker to the rescue!

Black and Decker to the rescue!


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    • Thanks! All it takes is tired back muscles and, in my case, poking a hole in your finger that bleeds all over your camera until you notice it…but that’s nothing new to dedicated seamstresses. 😉 I do like the new space.

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