Your Weekend Wow!

It is dark and windy and spitting – oops, make that pouring – rain today. Nothing like a wonderful bit of pink silk to brighten the mood. This comes courtesy of the Chertsey Museum in Chertsey, Surrey, England. Sadly, there is only one photo – but what a photo it is. Hope this enlivens your day as much as it does mine.

pink silk spencer

Pink silk spencer with front opening and turn down collar, applied decoration of pink satin rouleaux loops with five rouleaux strips at wrist and two rows at lower edge, collar piped in silk, three layers of ‘leaf’ decoration on epaulettes over straight sleeves; c.1815. The spencer is silk, the collar is buckram, and the lining is cotton. Dimensions: length at Center Back = 300mm, length at Center Front = 160mm, width at chest = 350mm. MT.2043.

And for those curious minds who want to know what a rouleau loop is (hint: it’s not piping) and how to make one properly, here are a few good tutorials: Peggy’s Pickles (uncorded), By Hand (corded), and Pattern Scissors Cloth (uncorded). If you’d prefer written instructions you can print out and keep, try this free PDF tutorial from


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