Your Weekend Wow!

I’ve been fighting off a cold or some kind of bug for the better part of a week – the sore throat and low-grade fevers have left me feeling tired and generally uninspired. So for this weekend I wanted something that would be fun. It didn’t have to be extraordinary in any particular way, just diverting enough to take my mind off the blahs.

Happily, the Metropolitan Museum of Art came through. I love their description:

An air of coquettishness and youthful presence inform this set of French dress coordinates. The colorful and spritely decorative details lend a sense of whimsy. The choice of fabric and the inclusion of alternate bodices made this ensemble appropriate for both late day and evening wear.

Me? I love the fringed and beaded trim. I can’t tell how the “beads” were made – stuffed silk balls? silk-covered wooden beads? knotted silk? No matter: it makes me smile. Not only does it surround the neckline, it also appears on the upper part of the armscyes, the cuffs and the lower edge of the back bustle belt. Playful in its own right, it also makes a fun compliment to the abundant scallops.

Ca. 1875. Silk evening ensemble, from the Textier St. Engley department store, Paris. 2009.300.1071a–d.

1996.178a,c-d_front 0002

Metropolitan Museum of Art

1996.178a,c-d_front 0002 (cropped detail)

(Cropped bodice detail)

1996.178a,c-d_side 0002

Metropolitan Museum of Art

1996.178a,c-d_back 0002

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitain Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art


One thought on “Your Weekend Wow!

  1. Lovely! And the ballgown bodice is so sweet. Simple yet charming.

    Hugs on the cold. I’ve been fighting off fall allergies about that long. They’re not *allowed* to turn into a cold. 😉

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