HSM#11: Making Progress on the Spangles

After my first session of work with the spangles I was concerned that I might have set myself up for days or even weeks hunched over the embroidery frame. A reader thoughtfully suggested that using a tambour work approach might make applying the spangles go a bit faster. It’s an excellent idea and I’d never have thought of it myself, since I never do tambour work, so I experimented with an incredibly small hook.

I ran into two problems. First, the hook wasn’t latched and so I kept losing the thread. Second, the fabric weave isn’t loose enough and working in between the threads proved tricky. So I went back to the stab-and-stitch approach.

To my surprise, it didn’t take long before my eye got pretty good at estimating the radius of the spangles and I built up a reasonable head of steam. There wasn’t a lot of good light to work with yesterday but I made great progress before I finally had to call it a day…more than half way done.

2015-11-14 21.02.00