On the Road to Recovery

vintage-sickI am so sorry for dropping off the earth for over a week without a peep. That little bit of fever and laryngitis turned into a nasty sinus infection that quickly evolved into a very bad case of bronchitis that had me flat in bed for days. Spending any time at the computer was simply not an option. Yesterday I started to get my strength back and today is the first day I’ve felt close to normal since the first of the year.

I’ve gotten absolutely no sewing done. It’s been a long time since I’ve been too sick to hand sew or knit. My eyes hurt and were sensitive to light, so I couldn’t even read. I just stayed in bed and kept the house dark. After a couple of days I started feeling like a troll hiding under a dark bridge.

All of this, of course, happened in the face of my upcoming move, which is happening next week. I’ve been too ill to start packing until yesterday. Even so, I have to pace myself and take a lot of breaks because I’m still pretty weak overall. I sign the final papers and pick up the keys on Tuesday, so the big excitement starts then. The moving truck comes on Saturday, one week from today. Then it’s a matter of unpacking.

I’m hoping to pick up a much-delayed HSM #12 after the move and also take a bite out of HSM #1, but that may end up being late, too. The truth of it is that right now my health and the move have to take priority for the upcoming week. After that, things should start settling back down to normal, including getting back on track here.



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