Your Weekend Wow!

I’m finally getting back in the swing of things (more about the recent goings on later) and have been having a devil of a time deciding what to post for Your Weekend Wow today. There are so many fancy and elaborate ensembles to choose from, and I was originally gong to hunt down something fabulously fancy. Then I changed my mind – I’ve been away for so long I wanted to share something “normal” and welcoming. I’ve always loved this one even though it’s a relatively simple day dress. The dots and ruching and lacing and bows are all fun. And who can say no to a matching parasol?

Day ensemble, 1880. Cotton print. Basque bodice and bustle skirt. Matching umbrella. Photo: Christine Valkenberg Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire.


4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

    • It seems like it’s taking forever to get this move over and done, but the worst of it is past and that bodes well for future writing. I miss spending time with history and creating new historical fashions. I want my needle and thread back in hand!

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