Moving Mountains

The moving truck has come and gone. That was on Monday. I am still completely knackered and ache from head to toe – literally. I’d say I hate moving, but it wouldn’t do the experience true justice.

I miss my sewing!! I tried to work on the organdy bonnet, but I’ve been too tired and stressed to do a good job and it’s not coming out the way I want it to. I’ll post photos and discuss the issues at hand shortly. In the mean time, this is how the new sewing room looks today:

sewing room

I also have a small, unfinished bathroom off of the sewing room that I plan to use to store fabric and the mannequins. This is how it looks at the moment (and yes, that is a Victorian fichu plopped on top of a Regency petticoat):

fabric room

This is going to take a while to get settled, but I’ll be pulling it into shape one bit at a time. Looks like another year of not getting HSM #1 done on time, which is frustrating but is not exactly going to stop the world from turning.


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