Your Weekend Wow!

I don’t usually include wedding dresses as Wows because they are in a category that’s generally meant to “wow.” However, if I rigidly adhered to that guideline I’d have to avoid evening dress, ball gowns, and a whole slew of fashion that is meant to be visually stunning and what a shame that would be.

I found this dress on Pinterest. The photography isn’t sharp, but the dress is stunning. I am completely taken aback by the pearl embroidery on the skirt. The alternating layers of satin and pearl fringe cascading down the center front isn’t bad, either. Wowzers.

Wedding dress by Charles Frederick Worth, 1880. Bodice made of cream silk satin, fastened with pearls. Neck and center front opening trimmed with machine-made lace. Lined with white silk and braid. Skirt of cream silk satin. Front and hips trimmed with panel of embroidery on net with pearls and satin stitch in design of leaves and stiffened bell-shaped flowers. Overlapping lobes of satin trimmed with pearl fringe in the center. Train of cut and uncut velvet.

Worth wedding gown


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    • Isn’t that the truth! The more I see of Worth’s work and the better I understand the subtle things behind the quality, the more I appreciate his creations and what the House of Worth was able to achieve.

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