Just a Quick Sewing Room Update

I unpacked a few more boxes of fabric (!!!) today and finally got the sewing table cleared off, the Ott Light lamp in place and machine all set up, plugged in and ready to sew. This is why I love my new sewing space…

sewing room view

…especially because this is my view while sitting at the sewing machine – calm and peaceful even on a rainy, grey day.

window view

The next phase of unpacking involves some major shuffling of storage containers, shelves and what not. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge, but I’ll get there.


2 thoughts on “Just a Quick Sewing Room Update

  1. I’m sooo envious! What a great view! I’ve covered all my windows, most of them semi-permanently, to keep out the Texas sun. The few windows I can see out show only gray grass and plowed fields.

    • It’s a north-facing window (as in pointed in the direction of Canada) in a northern latitude so I’m hoping summer will bring loads of light without it being directly in my face. I can close the semi-sheer linen/cotton curtains if need be, though. 🙂

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