Another Quick Sewing Room Update

Progress continues on the unpacking and organizing. The HSM clock is ticking, so I’m working hard at it.

This apartment/house (hard to know what to call it, really) came with an unfinished half bath at the back of what I’m using as the sewing room. I can request the owner finish it off but, due to a quirk of zoning laws, it then becomes a 2-bedroom and the rent goes up – a lot. I don’t need additional plumbing to clean and maintain, so I figure I’ll live with the capped off copper stumps and use it as a storage space. Here’s how it’s looking:

And here’s the state of the sewing room. You can see why I like it – tons of space!

sewing room


2 thoughts on “Another Quick Sewing Room Update

    • It’s so nice to have organized storage that isn’t sitting out in the room…feels very decadent. The curtains are from Goodwill – I hung them in my bedroom at the old house to add some color. Now they perk up the storage space. 🙂

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