Your Weekend Wow!

Here in the U.S., we go back to daylight savings time tomorrow at 2 a.m. Oh, bother! I never used to notice going back and forth with these changes, but as I’ve gotten older I definitely feel the difference in time. So, if the entire national time thing has to happen, we may as well use this weekend to “Spring Ahead” to color. This one manages to combine an abundance of stripes, ruffles and shiny ribbon into a glowing tribute to the warmer months ahead. I must have look fabulous on a stroll through vast gardens or a park blooming with flowers.

c. 1892, yellow satin silk stripe gauze, House of Worth, French. The Museum at FIT. Number: P87.20.24.

Afternoon Dress Made Of Yellow Satin Stripe Silk Gauze, By The House Of Worth (Founded 1858) - Framce c. 1892 - The Museum at FIT

Curator’s notes:

Worth designed in an era when a multitude of rules governed dress, and small details told a great deal about a woman’s social standing. During the 19th century, ladies wore certain garments only when receiving guests, making calls, and attending a wide variety of functions, including teas, dinners, balls, and the opera. This handsome two-piece ensemble, designed by the House of Worth in the early 1890s, would have been worn during the spring or summer, in the afternoon to a party or when visiting socially. One can imagine how the brilliant yellow would have shimmered as its wearer moved in bright sunlight.


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