Antique Finds: Photos and a Fashion Plate

A few days ago I was itching to get out of the house. The weather was gorgeous and I had a serious case of cabin fever, so I decided to check out an antique mall I’d heard about in a town close by. Just as I approached the front door a woman came from inside the mall and locked the door. They were closing early in order to attend their son’s baseball game. Bah! So I ended up wandering into the Brocante shop next door and spent an hour wandering around and pawing through things.

I found some great photographs. This one interested me because of the way she’s wearing her watch – suspended in loops from what looks like a bar pin at her neck. (More on this photo later.)



This one had to come home with me – such a great portrait of the two couples. Love those hats!



I bought this one because the hem on the woman’s sleeves is so long it covers her knuckles, much like in Regency fashions, and I’d not seen anything like it before.



And this one is such a great photo I couldn’t say no. It’s dated 1912 on the back, but the style looks more like 1915-ish to me. Doesn’t matter – the 2-piece dress and big ruffle-y hat are marvelous. I love she’s wearing gloves. Too bad the feet are too blurry to really see the shoes (boots?).



I also discovered a Miroir des Modes fashion plate from the 1850’s in a very old frame. The glass needs a good cleaning, but the print isn’t foxed or otherwise damaged. The colors are still bright, I liked the dresses and the price was incredibly low. So it went in the bag with the photos.

fashion plate1

Not bad for a little jaunt to get out of the house, huh?


7 thoughts on “Antique Finds: Photos and a Fashion Plate

  1. Good haul! I told there were some great places there!
    I love the hats on the family group photo. And I agree on the 1915 date of the other.

  2. I love old photos, you got some really good ones there 🙂 Collecting them can be a bit addictive though! They don’t take up much room of course, until you find an actual old album you just have to have… and then another one etc…

  3. Wow, I have never thought to get old photos of long ago to see the fashions. This could really be a great way to collect eras and fashion and make a scrapbook. Thanks for sharing!

    • My pleasure! I find I learn more from photographs than I do from fashion plates: fashion plates show an idealized view of the latest “thing” while photos show what people really wore.

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