She Sits and Sews! – a sewing room update

Before: white walls, white blinds, white lamp, white sewing machine.

Before: white walls, white blinds, white curtains, white lamp, white sewing machine.

Yesterday I got the urge to sit down and sew for the first time in a long time. Whew! It wasn’t anything big or splashy, but I hope it’s a sign.

As most of you know, I’m a person who loves color. I get a little nuts without it. The place I’m currently renting, like most rentals in the U.S., has white walls and white blinds on the windows. It’s like living in a milk carton.

I’d put up a calendar and some photos from my travels in France over my desk, which helped my writing area.

I’d put up my Quimper tinware over the bookcase with my cookbooks, which helped the kitchen.

I hung a quilt I’d done years ago on the wall between the bedroom and the hallway, which gave a visual shot of color as one comes around the corner to the bedroom.

But the sewing room has remained white-white-white and, therefore, not a mentally lively space in which to sit or work.

fabric2Yesterday I was going through my fabric stash, wondering what on earth I was going to do with all of it, when I came across a length of cotton fabric I purchased a long time ago with the intention of making something to wear. I liked it because it’s colorful and fun and reminds me of the mille fiori glass made in Murano, Italy.

But it’s a bit too heavy to drape well and when I laid it out I noticed that the background ran on the diagonal, which is never a good choice for me. So I’d held onto it for eons because I love it and couldn’t bear to part with it, yet didn’t have the faintest idea what to do with it. Then I stood there with fabric in hand, lamenting the boring whiteness of my sewing space and inspiration hit like a ton of bricks – make curtains. Now.

So I did, right there and then. I didn’t do a bunch of fancy measurements – just cut the length in half, made sure each piece was oriented in the same direction and started hemming, then finished the edges, then turned the top down for the curtain rod.

By complete and absolutely delightful coincidence, the colors in the curtains go with the colors of the fabric bins on both sides of the storage units I’m using as low room dividers. There’s a knitting side and a sewing side and the fabric looks great with both.

So now the room is perked up considerably and I get to see that fun fabric I love every day. It couldn’t have worked out better if I’d planned it.



6 thoughts on “She Sits and Sews! – a sewing room update

  1. Your sewing room looks very nice and inspiring! I wish I had a seperate room for my sewing… And your new curtains looks so airy and came from stash – good kharma points!

    • Thank you! I must admit I am surprised at how much difference the curtains make in the mood and feel of the room. I spent so much time working on making the space functional I overlooked the other part – making it fun, too. My front room is a big L-shaped thing that is awkward when it comes to placing furniture, so I divided off the foot of the “L” and made it into a dedicated sewing/craft space…and I do feel quite spoiled by the luxury of having it. PS: I like the notion of good karma points – I could use some good sewing karma. 🙂

  2. Yay! The Winter Glooms have left the room. Your new curtains are definitely bright and cheerful, and I love the purple drawers that draw out the color too.
    I agree with needing bright colors, or at least inspirational things to decorate your work spaces. I have one of my sewing room walls decorated with many framed fashion prints. Wish I could share a photo here with you. The rest of the walls, which btw are painted sky blue to match my view out my window, are mosty covered by stacks of hat boxes and stuff. You can never say its boring in here.
    Keep up the good work! Val

      • And I forgot, when I lived in apartments with white walls, I used to make quilts too, and would hang the wall size ones on the walls, and with some of my full size/antique ones would cover the wall behind my bed, etc to give big pops of color.

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