Your Weekend Wow!

Most of you know that the American Civil War years (1860-1864) aren’t exactly a fashion favorite of mine. However, every so often I see a dress from that era that entirely works for me. This is one. It’s from the Met who, sadly, provides little information. But we can still enjoy it.

I love being able to see close details of the fabric and construction. I love the “rail fence” trim with the laced cording and how the tassels hang right to the hemline. And I’m thrilled they’ve chosen to photograph it with the correct hoop and undergarment support. Yes, the hoop is more much elliptical than circular, which it “shouldn’t” be for a few more years, but the hem is even so they must have got it right. Chalk it up to the fashion-forward French. (All photos from

Silk dress, French, c. 1862.









5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

  1. I don’t know exactly why, but this type of silhouette always makes me think “human parade float”. I do love the close-up pictures.

    • It’s so variable and so frustrating – it feels like the more I like something the less information they list about it. Then there’ll be something I really don’t like and they give a long list of details about the construction. You just never know. Sigh.

  2. Love seeing the closeup details of the sewn on trim. Makes me feel better about my own.
    Most of my friends who say they don’t like CW dress usually are looking at the rough camp-style dresses of CW reenactments, and not the beautiful 1860s VICTORIAN dresses in gorgeous fabrics and trims. There’s quite a difference. I would much rather wear a pretty dress, than a plain work dress any day.

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