Your Weekend Wow!

Thanks to recent posts by A Damsel in This Dress and The Quintessential Clothes Pen on their recent historically costumed experience at Versailles (more on that later) I’ve been having a bit of an 18th century moment. One that’s lasting beyond a mere moment, as a matter of fact. So when I saw this yesterday I knew it had a place right here. Sadly, there are no photos of the interior. But it’s truly a work of art nonetheless and it’s equally amazing that it survived in such magnificent condition.

Pocketbook, French, 1725-1775. Rectangular envelope style pocketbook. Polychrome opaque and translucent glass beads strung with linen thread, held together by interlocking looping stitches (sablé). Design on white ground: lovebirds with heart and floral swag above (front); peacock and floral swag above (back), both have rocaille border with cornucopias; floral and rocaille motif (flap). Gilt-galloon binding. Blue silk taffeta lining and side panels. Cardboard foundation. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ( Click on the link for mind-boggling close up detail.