Your Weekend Wow!

Who’s up for a little fun and a lot of color? This Italian jacket (casaquin) and petticoat, ca. 1725-1740, is a riot of crewel embroidery in fanciful shapes and images. It’s all linen, both fabric and embroidery. Isn’t it wonderful the colors have remained so vibrant? All photos from The Met Museum ( Accession number: 1993.17a, b.



The site description reads as follows:

This informal dress is transformed by the fanciful crewelwork, or wool embroidery, on a linen ground depicting exotic figures representing the Four Continents amid exuberant flowers, fruits, and birds. Among the architectural elements are small pagodas, which came to symbolize the Far East in the European decorative arts. The exotic structures became part of the European design vocabulary after Johan Nieuhoff published his illustrated catalogue of observations on Peking in 1665. The theatrical character of the embroidery may indicate that this dress was meant to be worn to a masquerade, a European social event in which exotic and idiosyncratic costume reigned supreme.


10 thoughts on “Your Weekend Wow!

  1. What a piece of work! The embroidery is wool though, not linen, the basic info should have said linen and wool, not just linen. The description says that crewel work is wool embroidery on linen and if you zoom in you can see that it is wool, being slightly fluffy.

    • Thank you – and two demerits for me for not catching that. I thought the embroidery looked too “full” to be just linen thread, but didn’t follow up my concern so I’m glad you did! 🙂

  2. I just love all of the wonderful costumes you share!
    I was hoping that you might divulge the location where you acquired that lovely striped fabric you made into a dress for the Lady Constance. It is divine, and I must have some. I’ve had no luck tracking it down though.

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