I Left Without Saying Thank You

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, although at times it seems like as if I have. Life got weird, then kinda crazy. Something had to give and, sadly, it was my historical sewing and this blog. I’m still pulling things back together but I am well and still standing, more or less, and moving forward.

But enough about me. You all are the ones that matter – the readers and followers who provided insightful feedback, answered questions, helped with technical details, set me straight when I was in error and generally cheered me on through mistakes and miscalculations as I pushed my boundaries and tried new things. I loved sharing my journey and adventures with you and I miss it awfully.

I struggled with the final decision to retire the blog. It was hard. Really hard. I still get teary-eyed when I think of it. And here it is, almost two years since the last post and high time I formally say goodbye. And send a heartfelt thank you to each and every one who shared a bit of their time with me in this crazy thing called life.

The blog will remain up for the foreseeable future, since it appears to be of help to others interested in historical dress and costuming. It pleases me to see my odd ramblings are still of some use. And to add a general disclaimer: none of the garments or accessories on this site are available for sale. They are either extant, historic items privately owned by individuals or museums, or they are reproductions owned by their makers. So no, they cannot be purchased. (At least not from me.)

Comments, just so you’ll know, will not receive a response unless issues of copyright are involved. I’ve had original works and designs stolen, so I know what it feels like and I uphold copyright laws to the best of my ability. As always, if you see a conflict please do let me know so I can rectify the situation.

As for me, I fumbled around a while trying to find my way and am back to hand sewing and quilting. They, and knitting, are still happy places. My love of fabric and fiber will not fade and I’ve been thinking of using my massive stash of historic reproduction prints to make historical hand-pieced quilts. So another adventure commences.

Thanks again to one and all. I miss the sharing and the laughs. But it is time for a new direction. Here’s wishing you many, many fruitful hours of passionate creativity.

May you needles stay sharp and your seam ripper close at hand,

Susan (who now is in rather serious need of a handkerchief)

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