For Friends and Visitors, both Old and New

Just a reminder for everyone that this blog is no longer active. I am delighted that it remains useful and interesting to a wide range of viewers. However life has set a different course for me and although I am no longer posting, the blog remains available for viewing.

Here are a few important reminders:

  • I no longer respond to comments or queries. The comment section should have been closed, an oversight I’m trying to rectify.
  • NONE OF THE GARMENTS OR ACCESSORIES SEEN ON THIS POST ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE, at least not from me. They are extant historic examples housed in either museum or private collections, or they may be faithful reproductions of fashion plates or extant garments, or they might be a costume or prop. In any case, I own none of them (except the few things I’ve made myself). I cannot sell them, neither can I provide any information on who the current owner is. I’ve made attributes whenever possible, but I don’t always have background information.
  • If you seek additional information on any of the items in the photographs, please try a visual image search. I find Pinterest can be particularly helpful, but so are the big search engines, such as Google, etc.

Sincere thanks for your support over the years and for the continued interest. I wish you well on your costuming journey – the scenery is spectacular!


Inactive blog - no longer accepting comments

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