Les Fêtes Galantes @ Versailles

(Photo from adamselinthisdress.wordpress.com)

(Photo from adamselinthisdress.wordpress.com)

I “blame” Izabela for this. Aka A Damsel In This Dress, I’ve been a fan for a long time. I’d been intrigued with 18th century dress at a safe distance – curiously interested but not actively involved – until her post about her evening at Les Fêtes Galantes, held at the Palace of Versailles in France.

I’ve been to Versailles. I’ve seen the Palace, the grounds and that spectacular Hall of Mirrors. And I’ve seen them crowded with tourists, constantly elbowing and shoe-horning in for a better view.

But I’d never seen Versailles filled with people in 18th century dress until I saw her post. And that was, quite simply, that.

I study French and have been for eons. I’m currently reading “Candide”, by Volatire (1759), in French. I plan on moving to France in a couple of years. So this immediately struck me as a natural fit.

Except that I know almost nothing about 18th century dress. Pity, that. Guess I’ll just have to learn.

I have not one stitch of 18th century garb. So there’s quite a laundry list of things I need to make. I’ll post my finished projects here as they come off the needle. This is going to take a while.