Lost in Lace

Miss Lily Elise (tumblr)

Miss Lily Elise (tumblr)

The other day, a reader asked about the machine-made laces in the previous photos, and I want to let everyone know those are not mine. Which got me thinking, why not show a few of mine? They are all machine lace of varying age. The shiny white piece is the newest, the net lace collar is the oldest.

I love the wide, net lace collar. It fits me perfectly, draping just over my shoulders. My first though was to finish it off so I’d have a collar that could be used with different waists. But I need to do more research on finishing techniques and see some historical examples, so it’s going to have to wait until I know how to make it correctly.

Fortunately, an eager substitute is waiting in the wings.

A project I’ve been dying to do is an 1870 lacy fichu from Ageless Patterns. I love the fashions of the First Bustle Era and this fichu is a perfect complement to my 1870 waist patterns. My skills and knowledge are not yet up to tackling one of AP’s full dress patterns, but the fichu’s vintage instructions make sense and I can visualize the construction process in my mind. Here it is – my HSF 2014 Challenge #2:

Ageless Patterns #1530-2

Ageless Patterns #1530-2 (copyright Ageless Patterns)

The cover for Ageless Patterns # 1530:


(copyright Ageless Patterns)

I love this pattern. It has collars, cuffs, and this fichu; more than enough to stretch a basic 1870’s wardrobe by adding a variety of looks to a just a few waists. I already have the fabric for my “real” 1870 reproduction dress. (As shown on the “Completed” page, my first attempt was somewhat less than great. I still cringe when I look at the fabric and trim.)

And I appears I’ve gotten over my prior aversion to lace, ruffles and bows. Although just how this lovely piece of fluff will look perched on the girls is yet to be seen.